Core 25mm - - TIG International - TIG04ROZNFCS040320 - 220mm x 300m Wax Resin Ribbon B110AX


220mm x 300m Wax Resin Ribbon B110AX

  • 220mm x 300m Wax Resin Ribbon B110AX
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This is a Wax Resin B110AX ribbon, 220mm wide on a core that has an inner diameter of 25mm and is 220mm wide.  There is 300m of ribbon wound onto the core.  This ribbon suits most desktop bar code label printers that use Thermal Transfer (TT) printing mode.

The Wax Resin B110AX material is designed for printing on a wide variety of print media including coated paper labels, tag stock and films.  It presents reliable sharp edge print quality to maximize the bar code scanning success rate from low through to high printing speeds.

The Wax Resin B110AX combination contains high percentages of resinous material, so more heat is required to melt this ribbon than a wax (only) ribbon. Wax resin ribbons have greater image durability and resistance to chemicals than wax (only) ribbons and are more versitile for a wide range of substances and applications.  They have high resistance against abrasion and scratiching on chromated or coated papers and plastic label material.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Ribbon Size: 220mm X 300m
  • Core Size: 220mm X 25mm Inner Diameter
  • Configuration: Carbon Side Out (flush)
  • Colours Available: Black
  • Colours on Request: Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Grey & White.

Environment and Storage:

  • Usage Enviornment: 5 - 35 °C
  • Storage Conditions: Keep indoor, avoiding high temperatures (such as beside a heat source), high humidity and direct sunlight.



Ribbon Core 25mm 170mm wide Front View


Ribbon Core 25mm Site View


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