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45x15mm Pre-Printed Asset Label - Yellow

  • 45x15mm Pre-Printed Asset Label - Yellow
1 left.

Only 1 left.

SPECIAL FEATURES:  Superior grade pre-printed asset labels with aggressive adhesive for maximum life (10+ years!)


Label Size:

45mm x 15mm




Polyester based label backed with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.


Pre-printed in A4 sized sheets.  Choose your own number range.  Label details may include:

  • Company or organisation, name;
  • Bar code (Up to 13 characters, Code 39 symbology, we do not recommend starting your number range with a Zero "0");
  • "Human Readable" text underneath for visual verification;
  • Optional Logo (Set up fee of $160 will apply).


Yellow, pre-printed asset labels in A4 size sheets.  Suitable indoors and the occassional damp environment.  Clean with a mild detergent wipe down.

Unit of Measure:

EA (Price is for 1 label.  Minimum order quanity: 1,000 labels)

Delivery Lead Time:

Aproximately 2 weeks from your order

Label Power Rating:



Other pre-printed label sizes are also available, please Contact TIG for any variations or requests.


Example of a single sheet of yellow asset labels.

Sheet of Yellow Asset Labels

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