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Plant Maintenance Assistant

Works with SAP  Works with ODBC  Works with Text, CSV  Works with HTML  Runs on Windows Mobile  Batch Mode PDA  Suits GPRS  Suits Wi-Fi  Suits RFID

  • Instruct the operator as to what jobs are outstanding;
  • Providing detailed instructions and notes;
  • Providing visual priority indications;
  • Allow the operator to perform ad-hoc maintenance jobs.  This is identical to an instructed job, except that the operator has initiated the job;
  • Record time and status data regarding the job;
  • Job closure and status reporting;
  • Record materials that were consumed in performing a job.  This may also include items that are to be returned for servicing;
  • Provide an inspection facility where the maintenance status may be updated.


When the engineer elects to perform a planned job they are presented with a “select job” screen, showing visual priorities and a summary of each job  The jobs are sorted by priority and then by planned start time. 


Therefore, the engineer need not worry about which job is important, they simply have to select the first job on the list, as the PMA will ensure that the jobs are displayed in the desired execution sequence.  Various status, completion, and priority information is displayed to the engineer on this screen.


If an emergency repair is required, the engineer can perform an “Ad Hoc” repair and record all the pertinent information on the hand held computer, to be later sent to the host maintenance system.


The PMA allows the operator to record the time spend, the materials consumed, and the steps completed for each job as they progress.  Job instructions are displayed to the operator also.


If GPRS or W-LAN technology is used to synchronise the devices, when new jobs arrive on the device, the “job list” is re-sorted by priorities.  This allows the maintenance manager to adjust anytime, the activities for the engineers.

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