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Production Assistant

Works with SAP  Works with ODBC  Works with Text, CSV  Works with HTML  Runs on Windows Mobile  Batch Mode PDA  Suits GPRS  Suits Wi-Fi

  • Available also as a “Plug-In” for the MMT system, providing real-time wireless communications using Wi-Fi;
  • Available as a “Stand Alone” solution;
  • Open a Process Order, to commence counting finished goods;
  • Update Process Order.  This real-time update occurs in background when used as a “plug-in” for the MMT system;
  • Close Process Order – Stop counting finished goods;
  • Record consumption of raw materials against the Process Order;
  • Perform “Back Flushing” of unused raw materials;
  • Perform movements of finished goods to storage;
  • Ability to “scrap” material that is not usable;


Often deployed with one “counter” per production point, or production line, the Production Assistant allows the operator to count the amount of finished goods that was produced during a Process Order.


This greatly improves accuracy by allowing the operator to count material as it is produced and perhaps moved to another location.  It is often the case that material is moved away from the production line during manufacture, making counting the total produced difficult.


The operator can “scrap” any items that contain a fault.  When the Process Order is finished, the raw materials returned to the storage location can also be counted and recorded against the Process Order.


Material brought to the production line is counted and recorded as “consumed” against the Process Order.

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