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Zebra TLP2844-Z Thermal Transfer Printer ZPL

  • Zebra TLP2844-Z Thermal Transfer Printer ZPL
More available on request. (2-5 weeks)

More available on request.

(2-5 weeks)

SPECIAL FEATURES: Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printer, OpenACCESS Design, ZPL

The Thermal Tansfer (TT) (with ribbon) TLP2844-Z bar code label printer brings powerful performance to applications requiring a space saving, desktop size 104mm (4.09") printer. Ease of use, including its OpenACCESS design, clear media window for simple media loading and monitoring, make the TLP2844-Z a fail-safe printer to increase workplace efficiency.

The TLP2844-Z integrates easily into a variety of printing applications, including shipping and receiving, inventory control, healthcare specimen labeling and patient tracking, coupon and receipt printing, transportation and logistics, and e-commerce postage. With serial, parallel, and USB interfaces, plus network connection options, the TLP2844-Z meets a variety of connectivity needs.

Tech Note:  The TLP2844-Z is a Zebra Print Language (ZPL) printer, which makes it compatible with software designed for Zebra printers.  The TLP2844 (without the "-Z") is an Eltron Print Language (EPL) printer for compatibility with software designed for Eltron printers.

Standard Features:

  • Print methods: Direct Thermal (DT) (no ribbon) and Thermal Transfer (TT) (with ribbon)
  • Construction: ABS double-walled casing
  • OpenACCESS design
  • Zebra Printer Management
  • 32 bit RISC processor
  • Resident scalable font
  • Head-up sensor

Printer Specifications:

  • 203 Dots Per Inch (DPI) resolution (8 dots per mm)
  • Maximum Print Speed: 102mm (4") per second
  • Maximum Print Width: 104mm (4.09")
  • Transmissive and Reflective media sensors
  • Programming Languages:  ZPL II, ZPL

Physical Characteristics:

  • Height: 173mm (6.8")
  • Width: 201mm (7.9")
  • Depth: 248mm (9.75")
  • Weight: 1.5kg (3.2lbs)
  • Shipping Weight: 2.72kg (6lbs)

Media Dimensions:

  • Core inner diamater (label core size): 25.4mm (1") and 38mm (1.5")
  • Maximum label and liner width: 108mm (4.25")
  • Minimum label and liner width:  25.4mm (1")
  • Maximum label length: 991mm (39") with standard memory
  • Maximum roll diameter: 127mm (5")
  • Media thinkness:  0.08mm (0.003") to 0.18mm (0.007")

Ribbon Dimensions:

  • Core inner diameter: 12.7mm (0.5")
  • Outside diameter:  34mm (1.34")
  • Standard length:  74m (244')
  • Width:  33.8mm (1.33") to 110mm (4.30').  Recommended to be at least as wide as the media.

Communications and Interfaces:

  • Serial RS-232 (DB9)
  • Parrallel (Centronics)
  • USB

Optional Accessories:

Please contact TIG if you require any accessories for this printer, including:

  • External ZebraNet PrintServer II with Ethernet connectivity
  • 8MB Flash memory with real time clock
  • Cutter
  • Asian and International Font Packs


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