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Asset Tracking Tool (ATT)

  • Asset Tracking Tool (ATT)
999 in stock.

999 in stock.

Works with SAP  Works with Oracle E-Business Suite  Works with PeopleSoft  Works with ODBC  Works with Text, CSV  Runs on PalmOS  Runs on Windows Mobile  Batch Mode PDA  Suits RFID

  • Track Asset locations;
  • Remembers data and time sited;
  • Records cost centre;
  • Free form fields for new assets;
  • View assets including descriptions;
  • Reconciliation report;
  • RFID (HF, UHF) support depending on hardware;
  • Configurable through the software;
  • SAP Interface;
  • Oracle Financials Interface (Enhanced interface requires customer development);
  • PeopleSoft interface;
  • ODBC Interface;
  • Text, CSV interface (for Excel etc);
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile (or CE) PDA;
  • Palm OS PDA;


The Asset Tracking Tool (ATT) allows organisations to collect information about their fixed assets.  The product has two primary functions, Asset Stock Take, and Asset Tracking, the latter being the recording of asset movements.


Asset information is brought down to a local PC from a central asset register, then transferred to a hand held PDA bar code scanner.


Assets may be tracked using their Asset Number or Inventory (Tag) ID.  Asset data fields that may be updated include location, cost centre, room, description, serial number, and several others.  The scan date is automatically updated by the ATT software.  There is a search feature to find assets by their Asset Number, Inventory ID, serial number, or description.


With the ATT software you can Track Assets, View Assets, Edit Asset details, and enter new information using the Notepad function.


When you have finished tracking you synchronise with the PC, run a report, optionally export the data to a spread sheet.  You can then do more scanning to update more information.  When you are happy with the results, update the Asset Register.

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