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QA Inspector

Works with ODBC  Works with Text, CSV  Works with HTML  Runs on Windows Mobile  Batch Mode PDA  Suits GPRS  Suits Wi-Fi

  • Available also as a “Plug-In” for the Plant Maintenance Assistant;
  • Available as a “Stand Alone” solution;
  • Instruct the operators as to what inspections must be performed;
  • Provides location information;
  • Provides site “notes”;
  • Provides an ad-hoc inspection function;
  • Supports “templates” for inspection item lists;
  • Contains a free form large text field in order for comments to be recorded by the quality inspector;
  • Contains a free form GRAPHICS page in order to DRAW a picture or diagram.


Provides the engineer with the ability to conduct an inspection, guiding them through one or more lists of inspection items. 


Each item has values recorded against it with regard to quality, safety, condition, and you can attach notes and diagrams to any item for further explanation.


The engineer can review previous notes from the last inspection and determine if the required repairs or improvements have been completed adequately.


When used as a “plug-in” of the PMA, it will display an inspection screen to the engineer at the appropriate stages or activities of a maintenance task.

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