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Meter Reader

Works with ODBC  Works with Text, CSV  Works with HTML  Runs on Windows Mobile  Batch Mode PDA  Suits GPRS  Suits Wi-Fi  Suits RFID

  • Available also as a “Plug-In” for the Plant Maintenance Assistant;
  • Available also as a “Plug-In” for the Production Assistant;
  • Available as a “Stand Alone” solution;
  • Provides a list of meters and their locations;
  • Sorts the list of meters by suitable priority and “walk sequence”;
  • Provides an ad-hoc meter reading function;
  • Record time, status, and reading data regarding the meters;
  • Meters can be identified via bar code or RFID;
  • Display or record the GPS location of the meter (hardware dependent)


The operator can identify a particular meter using a bar code or RFID tag and then update the reading on the meter.  Other information can also be recorded at the same time. 


The date, time and other information is automatically logged. 


Often used as a “plug-in” for another product, but can be used “stand alone” in situations where meter reading is the primary task.

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