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Time Sheet Recorder

Works with ODBC  Works with Text, CSV  Works with HTML  Runs on Windows Mobile  Batch Mode PDA  Suits GPRS  Suits Wi-Fi

  • Available also as a “Plug-In” for the Plant Maintenance Assistant;
  • Available as a “Stand Alone” solution;
  • Record job codes in real time.  That is, select a job code and count minutes until the operator selects another job code;
  • Edit time sheet information;
  • View previous time sheets
  • Attach a comment to a job code;
  • Edit the timesheet both in advance and previously recorded data;
  • Time sheets are “locked” for editing once they have been sent to the host system.


An ideal compliment to any professional’s mobile organiser.  Especially the aspect of being able to record time allocations in real time.  This means that when you speak to a customer on the telephone, the first thing you do is set you job code to that customer.  Then when you return to your normal work, change the job code again.  No need to actually calculate the time spent on the telephone conversation.


Engineers can activate a time sheet code when they commence working on a particular machine and record the number of minutes spent on the task.  When used as a plug in of the PMA solution, times can be recorded and assigned a time sheet code for each activity in the job, or alternatively the entire job.

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