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Enhanced ODBC Data Warehouse Interface for MMT

Press Release:

TIG International has completed development of an enhanced ODBC based data warehouse for its “Flag Ship” Materials Management Tool (MMT) product.

As part of TIG International’s ongoing commitment to product enhancement, TIG has developed a data warehousing facility for its MMT architecture. This will allow certain transactions to have their information data warehoused into an ODBC accessible database such as Microsoft Access. Once the data is imported, sophisticated reports and analysis of the data can be performed using the full capacities of the database system.

This was first implemented at DBT Australia, where two MMT transaction types, the Bundy Clock, and Job Time Recording have been enabled for use with the MMT data warehouse. Now, DBT have access to all Bundy Clock and Job Time booking information in a single data source that allows them to execute queries and produce reports. This assists DBT’s business greatly, providing trend analysis and statistics that were previously either unavailable or difficult to produce. All these features can be made available at an instant.

The data warehousing interface runs on Microsoft Windows ™ versions 95, 98, ME, NT4, and 2000. It connects to the MMT server using Windows networking and retrieves data to populate into an ODBC Data Source configured via the Microsoft Windows ODBC Control Panel.

The Interface operates like all other MMT architecture interfaces, supporting single instance protection, multiple data types per interface, ability to perform simple load balancing, and separable send and receive channels if required. All these features are implemented using multiple processes on the Windows machine. The interface can be executed on any workstation or server. It is ideally suited to the automatic program execution service available on later versions of the operating systems.

TIG has paid special attention to ensuring that the interface does not consume too much resource time from the host operation system. This allows the interface to be run continuously without affecting the performance of its host.

This optional interface component of the MMT architecture adds an even greater range of flexibility and functionality to the MMT system, making MMT the first and only choice for Enterprise Automated Data Capture environments. MMT can simultaneously update a company’s accounting and inventory system, provide auditing and security control, and now data warehouse relevant transactions. All this occurs while the operators on the shop floor perform their daily routine more accurately and more efficiently, than a paper based system, using wireless bar code reading terminals to the MMT server.

TIG International is dedicated to continued product enhancement. This is one more reason why TIG is the best choice for supplying integrated Mobile Computing and Automated Data Capture solutions.