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Integrated SAP R3 and Wireless Solution Easy For Novartis Seeds

Press Release:

TIG International and Intermec Technologies combine to make a fully integrated SAP R/3, RF solution look easy for Novartis Seeds.


Novartis Seeds as part of a worldwide roll out of SAP R/3 had a requirement to implement a cost effective wireless solution for their warehouse located in Melbourne Australia. The no room for error demands of Novartis’ operation, supplying vegetable and flower seeds to hundreds of growers in the Australian and New Zealand Market, demanded that a bar coding solution would be required for SAP R/3. Due to the aggressive demands of an international ERP System rollout the entire system from contract signatures to delivery would need to be competed in six weeks. To add a further challenge, the six weeks period included the Christmas and New Year holiday period.


Enter TIG International, an Intermec Technologies solution partner with a proven record of delivering wireless solutions to the SAP R/3 market place. "This project represented one of greatest challenges to date", said TIG International General Manager Gavin Campbell, "the combination of very tight time frame, a fixed price budget and some challenging customisations to cater for functionality that did not exist with SAP R/3. This included a critical seed quantity to batch weight conversion". To deliver this solution within the project objectives the choice was to select proven cost effective hardware in the form of 2425 wireless integrated scanners from Intermec Technologies.

TIG International's RF warehouse software the Material Memory Tool (MMT) was selected over the competition because of its user-friendly features, it's wide ranging functionality and full integration to all SAP R/3 versions. This decision was critical to the project success as the short installation time frame combined with wide ranging features and some very specific barcode printing requirements meant MMT was the only real solution available.


If any project was going to test the limitations of schedule, budget and functionality, Novartis Seeds SAP R/3 integrated wireless solution was going to push all variables to the limit. A commitment by Novartis Seeds to find the best solution available proved critical, said Novartis Seeds Project Manager, David Clough. The combination of TIG International and Intermec Technologies proved that getting a challenging project completed on time, within budget and with all our essential customisations can be achieved. The new system has proved to be a real winner providing the essential automatic data entry and accuracy that Novartis demanded.