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The ATT supports SAP versions 3.0d and up, including ECC 6 and ECC 7.

The ATT solution includes an ABAP/4 function module that is Remote Function Call (RFC) supported as illustrated in the diagram. This function module retrieves the requested data from the SAP Fixed Assets module or the SAP Plant Maintenance module (for plant equipment).


The diagram below displays the components involved in the communication between SAP R/3 and the ATT software.

SAP R/3 Interface Diagram


Extracting Asset Information

Assets or Equipment may be down loaded in subsets.Three selection criteria are used to select the desired subset.These criteria are determined at installation time and stored in a configuration file. Any three of company code, class, location, plant, and cost centre may be configured as the available criteria, in any desired order.

Multiple subsets may be selected for separate sequential ranges of criteria. The down loaded data is then checked for records that contain duplicate identifier field values. If bar code labels are the host’s inventory numbers then ATT checks for records that contain duplicate inventory numbers to ensure each item scan will relate to only one record. The same check is performed if bar codes are the host’s asset/equipment numbers.

Updating SAP

The ATT updates SAP asset or equipment information by calling a TIG International ABAP/4 function module that utilises a BDC session to update each asset or equipment, one by one, as shown in the diagram to the right.

Each asset or equipment will invoke a new BDC session. Any assets or equipment that fail to update will be listed at the conclusion of the update session.

Fixed Assets are updated using SAP transaction AS02.

AS02 SAP Update Diagram
Supported Fields
The function module will retrieve the following data from tables within SAP R/3:
Field Length Description
BUKRS 4 Company Code
ANLN1 12 Main Asset/Equipment Number
ANLN2 4 Asset/Equipment sub-number
BDATU 8 Date validity ends
TXA50 50 Name of asset
INVNR 25 Inventory number
KOSTL 10 Cost Centre
WERKS 4 Plant
ANLKL 8 Asset class
AM_SERNR 18 Serial number
STORT 10 Asset location
DET_LOC 40 Detailed Location
IVDAT 8 Last inventory date
INV_TIME 6 Last inventory time
KOSTLV 10 Cost centre responsible for asset
INVZU 15 Supplementary inventory specific
COUNTED 1 Counted
ORD44 4 Evaluation group 4
ORDTX 30 Evaluation group short description.
EQUNR 18 Equipment number
EQU_CAT 8 Equipment category
TPLNR 30 Functional location
OBJID 10 Costing number (Work Centre)
STATUS 4 Status
MAIN_TXT 50 Main text
INT_ORD 12 Internal Order
USER_NAME 64 User Name
MULTI 1 Multi
CONT_ID 5 Controller ID
SPARE2 5 Spare 2
SPARE3 10 Spare 3
SPARE4 10 Spare 4
SPARE5 10 Spare 5
LICENSEPLT 20 Licence plate number
SUBLOCTXT 30 Sub Location Text
SPARE10 50 Spare 10